Hearing God

Are you tired of not knowing what to do? We want to help you to listen to the voice inside.

We believe everyone who wants to, has the opportunity to hear God’s voice.  We want to show you how.

Growing in Prophecy

The Growing in prophecy Level one course is a comprehensive biblical based, 9 session course building biblical foundations in Prophecy. The course is made up of Biblical teaching, practical wisdom and activation workshops.  We can run this with your local Church over one Weekend.

Growing a Prophetic Gift

The level two course is for those pushing further into prophecy. greater understanding and character based learning helps you to thrive using Prophecy in more challenging environments.

"The Prophecy course has reignited my passion to share God’s love with the people I meet. As we journeyed through the course together Laurence talked about the simplicity of Gods plan for us to reach out to others by first knowing and understanding the absolute and perfect love God has for each of us personally, as revealed in the Bible. The course covers Biblical truths and encourages us to be participants in prophecy, by modelling in the small group different approaches, which we can then apply in our daily lives. Each week I have looked forward to seeing what God will do next and I’ve enjoyed listening to others tell their stories of how God spoke through them as well as sharing my own experiences."
Course Participant

Key revelations about the Presence of God

Whilst having a conversation with father (God) one day about his presence, it became clear that I was missing the point. His words (I believe) are in black, my comments are in grey.

Before we dig in further, we need to realise that another translation of the word presence, is the word face.  ‘My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek.’ (Psalm 27:8). read on…