Presents: Growing in Prophecy –  Level 1 Training Course

To Envision, Equip & Empower

9 sessions

This course has been designed for those who want to grow in hearing God’s voice, and sharing prophetic words with others. It assumes no prior knowledge and will be suitable for those interested in or getting started using prophetic gifts.  It will also help those who are more experienced in prophecy by providing essential biblical foundations for its use.

Paul encourages us in 1 Corinthians 14 to eagerly pursue this gift, because of its use to build up the church.  We would like to see the church built up in Wales and further afield. When I started using my gifts several years ago, I often found it hard to find clear and detailed biblical teaching on the subject, to root and support its safe and helpful use.  This course seeks to provide those helpful biblical foundations. Thanks to the support of the Southampton based School for Prophecy we are able to offer a comprehensive foundation course to help you to grow, and to grow others.

Each session includes biblical teaching, and a safe and secure place to learn using a variety of practical sessions.


The course can be located at a suitable venue near you, local churches are ideal.  Please contact us for more details.


The course can be studied digitally for £25 per person.  It works better as a full training weekend or conference with activation workshops and practical sessions. Usually £80 per person.  The cost can be negotiated for groups.



1. New Birthright – hearing God’s voice above all others

2. Seeing the Bigger Picture

3. How to Hear from God

4. Understanding the Gift of Prophecy

5. New & Old Covenant Prophecy

6. Biblical Foundations of Prophecy

7. Principles of Testing Prophecy

8. Principles of Interpreting Prophecy

9. How to Respond to Prophecy



Please complete the online form if your church is interested in receiving this training. We work relationally, so we will usually arrange to meet with you and your church leader for a coffee first.